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Hello all.  I have been lurking for a while.  I don't always have  
time to follow every discussion, but nevertheless I have enjoyed most  
of what I've managed to read.

One thing I would request help on is the font issue.  I assume that  
the bunch of question marks I'm getting in some posts (please see  
below) are probably being generated when the poster uses some Hebrew  
font I don't have on my computer.

I am running Mac OS X; would some one kindly inform me where to  
obtain the requisite fonts so that I can better follow the discussions?


Kenneth Wieske, VDM
kenw.info at mac.com

CP 5184 Vera Cruz, km 10 Aldeia
R. Lídia Delgado do Prado, 333
Aldeia, Camaragibe
Pernambuco, Brazil

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    1. Re: BO and BO) (Isaac Fried)


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From: "Isaac Fried" <if at math.bu.edu>
Subject: Re: [b-hebrew] BO and BO)
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I am often asked about the close resemblance of Hebrew BO, ?in him,  
by him?,
as in Genesis 41:38 ?one in whom [BO] is the spirit of God?

?????, ?????? ????? ???????? ????

and BO), ?come?, as in Genesis 39:16 ?until his master came [BO)] home?

???-????? ???????? ???-???????

This is my answer: The essential part of both BO and BO) is the Hebrew
existence marker, or fundamental concept, AB-BA, corresponding to the
English substantive ?be?, and represented by the letter B. The O  
sound in
both is the compacted Hebrew personal pronoun HU. Thus both BO and  
BO) are
the compound ?be-he?, but whereas in BO the existence marker BA is  
for the
property present in the person referred to as O, in BO) the existence  
BA is for the body of the person referred to as O.

Both are related to the Hebrew POH, ?here, exists at this point?.

Isaac Fried, Boston University


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