[b-hebrew] weekly vs. festival sabbath

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Dear Kwon,

In theory, yes. This is why some Jewish and related groups, such as the 
Saducees, Samaritans and Karites celebrate the Pentecost, or Shavuot, on the 
seventh Sunday after the Sabbath of the Passover. However the 
Pharisic/Rabbinic tradition on which mainstream Judaism is based, 
interpreted this one particular "Shabbath" as referring to the festival 
itself, giving the Shavuot festival a set date (6 Sivan). Why did they do 
this? As Shoshanna would say, "Oral Torah".

Yigal Levin

The Ariel University Center, Samaria
(and various others : -)

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> Jacob Meyer says:
> ha-Shabbath is the weekly Sabbath where as ha-Shabbaton is the one for
> the festival.  In Lev 23:10. it is ha-Shabbath.
> Is it a correct statement?
> Oun Kwon.
> P.S. Recently I posted this (concerning about counting days to
> determine Pentecost) to a person rather than this list. I have made
> the question shortened.
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