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I would like to politely add - to be fair and to present the whole 
picture - that Jewish Biblical scholars/commentaries were also 
"professional Hebrew scholars" and linguists, and that they all 
referred to each others' "reference works", that they, too, command 
great and very very longstanding respect, and I truly hope that the 
fact that there were not PhD degrees given out at that time, many 
hundreds of years ago, will not prejudice the members of this list 
towards the belief that their teachings are those of "amateurs".


...On this list professional Hebrew scholars co-exist with

As an example of when such information may be helpful is when
one of these non-standard views are advanced. One may choose
to place more weight on a view which comes from a tenured
academic with a Ph.D. than an amateur who refuses to buy or
read standard reference works. Of course, you are also free
to disregard all such information.

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