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Jane jane5ok at yahoo.com.au
Sun Aug 5 02:47:20 EDT 2007

I do not entirely disagree with this information regarding the header
information on email lists.  However, considering the population of this
district is very small and that I live in an area where the nearest
neighbour is measured in km's not metres, I am female and the nearest police
and ambulance would take over an hour to get here (at high speed).  These
things combined with the fact that there are not very many Jane's in the
area let alone any other with my surname then it is a VERY simple and quite
a 'no-brainer' to track down a street address.  You only have to google to
discover just how much info let alone the fact that you can search telephone
records by name and general location to get a street address.  The original
request that I responded to was to supply full name and location.  With
those two details it would be EXTREMELY easy to locate  my street address.

I desire to learn Hebrew.  I also have a child that desires to do this too,
however I am not willing to risk our safety in order to do so.  I do not
think this is a mediocre issue.  Safety of women and children are put at
risk daily by information available on the internet.  I consider our safety
to be of more importance than to be a member of an email list.  This is why
I join these sorts of lists using my Yahoo email address and not my private
email address with my ISP.  I stand by my statement that I am happy to
leave, however I would like the issue of safety and security to be
considered and be allowed to remain but to do so I can never provide more
than first name and Australia.

Jane  in Australia

On 5/8/07 3:45 PM, "Bruce Prince" <bruceprince at bigpond.com> wrote:

> I believe the Moderators are correct in requesting that each post should be
> accompanied by the sender's full name (fake or otherwise). There are a
> couple of good reasons for this. Firstly, it lifts the group out of the
> mediocre where members sign with a pen-name, alias, or in the better
> instances - their proper first name. Often with this sort of freedom,
> messages are posted without accountability, and I believe this group is
> above that.
> Secondly, the thoughts and opinions of the members of this group are often
> valuable because they have their origin in extensive study, knowledge, or
> simply a passion for the subject. Attaching one's handle to their own
> comments shouldn't be a big deal.
> It is easy to see where Jane is coming from, but her fears of being 'tracked
> down' are based on a misunderstanding of TCP/IP addressing - which in
> layman's language refers to how PC terminals are identified on the network.
> Although it is possible to determine the address of Jane's ISP, it is not
> possible to work out her home address from any of the header information
> contained in her email messages.
> Cheers
> Bruce Prince
> Australia
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> Brak wrote:
>> But for some reason the moderators find that using a full name is
>> essential - something that I myself can't wrap my head around.
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