[b-hebrew] FW: Sign Your Messages Please

Yigal Levin leviny1 at mail.biu.ac.il
Sun Aug 5 02:45:43 EDT 2007

Dear All,

Bruce is quite correct - this is a semi-scholarly forum which seeks to 
maintain a balance between a professional discussion group and one that is 
open to, and welcomes, the general interested public. While a formal 
education in Biblical Hebrew is not a condition for joining the group, it is 
assumed that those who post know what they are talking about. Posters are 
expected to be accountable for what they write, and as such, full names and, 
if relevant, titles and affiliations are important. Also, as already noted, 
carrying on a "conversation" with someone who insists on remaining anonymous 
can be disturbing. First-time posters are in fact encouraged to introduce 
themselves and explain their interest in Biblical Hebrew, although this is 
of course up to the individual poster. These are all good reasons to insist 
on full names.

However, if any list member feels that he or she has a valid reason for 
anonymity, and security is certainly a good reason, he or she is encouraged 
to write to the moderators, and I'm sure that something can be worked out.

Yigal Levin


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>I believe the Moderators are correct in requesting that each post should be
> accompanied by the sender's full name (fake or otherwise). There are a
> couple of good reasons for this. Firstly, it lifts the group out of the
> mediocre where members sign with a pen-name, alias, or in the better
> instances - their proper first name. Often with this sort of freedom,
> messages are posted without accountability, and I believe this group is
> above that.
> Secondly, the thoughts and opinions of the members of this group are often
> valuable because they have their origin in extensive study, knowledge, or
> simply a passion for the subject. Attaching one's handle to their own
> comments shouldn't be a big deal.
> It is easy to see where Jane is coming from, but her fears of being 
> 'tracked
> down' are based on a misunderstanding of TCP/IP addressing - which in
> layman's language refers to how PC terminals are identified on the 
> network.
> Although it is possible to determine the address of Jane's ISP, it is not
> possible to work out her home address from any of the header information
> contained in her email messages.
> Cheers
> Bruce Prince
> Australia
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> Brak wrote:
>> But for some reason the moderators find that using a full name is
>> essential - something that I myself can't wrap my head around.
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