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Mon Apr 30 18:30:19 EDT 2007

On 4/30/07, Lisbeth S. Fried wrote:
> Dear All,
> I understand that Shamaryahu wrote an article in Textus on the sameks
> in the middle of verses.
> Can anyone point me to that article, or any article on this, or can anyone
> tell me what they are and what they do?

Emanuel Tov deals with this in his Introduction to Textual Criticism.  In Ch. 2,
A.1.C.B. p. 42 in the Hebrew version, he notes that the Massora Parva on
Gen 4:8 and 35:22 mention 28 and 35 places of "break within a verse",
respectively.  The actual break in these two verses are open (Pe).  He
says that this break is comparable to an end-of-verse and this is "proven" by
the fact that the Aleppo Codex has erasures of the end-of-verse marking in
some of these places.  Also, 65% of the Aleppo Codex's "break within a
verse" are in the book of Samuel, and this suggests a special interpretation.
Talmon apparently argued that these are references to elsewhere: Gen
35:22 supposedly references 1 Chron 5:1, 2 Sam 7:4 to Ps 132, and 1 Sam
16:12 to the external psalm 151.

He cites:
S. Talmon, "Pisqah Be'emsa Pasuq and 11QPsa", Textus 5 (1966), 11-21
P. Sandler, "Leheqer Hapisqa Beemsa Happasuq", Niger Book, 1959,
222-249 (Hebrew)

Looking these up also pointed me to here:
"Notes to the Septuagint and the Masoretic Text: Ezekiel 3" by Lust
J., Hauspie, K.
and, Ternier, A. in  Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses 75/4 (1999),
p. 315 - 331

In note 14 the above seems to reference something by P. Segal from 1960.

Yitzhak Sapir

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