[b-hebrew] NWT and Daniel 11:5

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What point are you looking for in your research?  I find that two  modern 
Tanakhs translate the verse differently:
Stone Edition (Artscroll): "The king of the South will grow stronger [than  
his enemy] and his nobles, and he will overpower him and rule; his dominion 
will  be a great dominion." (brackets original)
JPS: "The king of the south will grow powerful; however, one of his  officers 
will overpower him and rule, having an extensive dominion."
It appears at first glance that it depends on the underlying Hebrew text  
that is being used: whether emended or unemended.
Solomon Landers
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Hello  all.

I have been reading through the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ “New  World Translation”
for something I am researching. At Daniel 11:5, their  version reads:

“And the king of the south will become strong,  even [one] of his princes;
and he will prevail against him and will  certainly rule with extensive
dominion [greater than] that one’s ruling  power.”

I translate the same passage as  follows:

“Then the king of the south shall be strong, yet one  of his princes shall
prevail over him and shall rule a dominion greater  than his dominion.”

" The one loving his soul will lose it, and the one hating his  soul in this 
world will find it, for life forever."
–- Coptic John  12:25

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