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I think we can all see that "Brak" is in fact John Steven. We should be
prepared for people to have email addresses which do not correspond to their
actual names. Consider it a cyber-version of a Post Office Box. The only
protocol about this that we have on B-Hebrew is that people sign their
actual name to their messages. We also encourage them to give a locator tag
(city or institution), though this is not compulsory.
I trust we can get over the initial confusion here so that we can
concentrate on the real Hebrew issues.
PS - You can avoid mutliple recipients when you 'reply all' by simply
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In Gen 1:20, 1:21, 1:24, and 1:30  we have the phrase NEFE$ XAY.FH

In 1:20, 1:21, and 1:24 the phrase is usually translated as "living 
But in 1:30 it is usually translated as "breath of life".

So it appears that in 1:20,21,24 NEFE$ XAY.FH  is being translated to be 
referring to the item being spoken of (the "breather"), while in 1:30 is 
appears to be translated as something which the item being spoken of has 
(the "breath").

Can someone help me make heads or tails of this.


John Steven

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