[b-hebrew] Nefesh - Breath or Breather

Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Wed Apr 25 06:18:41 EDT 2007

On 25/04/2007 04:14, Brak wrote:
> I have been using my handle "Brak" for all my online correspondence 
> for over 14 years.
> The reasons for this I have expressed before when I first join the 
> group and the issue was made about me signing my messages with my 
> handles as opposed to my real name - so I won't both going around in 
> that circle.
> So needless to say, I will not alter my email account settings
Brak/John, it is your choice what to call yourself, but if you put 
"Brak" as your name don't complain when people address you as "Brak". 
You wrote:
> I have no idea why you are seeing Brak ... maybe its something with your email client
so I tried to enlighten you. But it seems that you knew this all along 
because you had chosen to set your settings to "Brak". Of course any 
correctly operating e-mail client will pick up this setting, so don't 
blame anyone's e-mail client for operating correctly, and in the same 
way as yours must do.

You can adjust your settings at the list's home page so you do not 
receive copies from the list of messages also sent direct to you, like 
this one.

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