[b-hebrew] Nefesh - Breath or Breather

Brak Brak at neo.rr.com
Tue Apr 24 23:14:52 EDT 2007

I have been using my handle "Brak" for all my online correspondence for 
over 14 years.
The reasons for this I have expressed before when I first join the group 
and the issue was made about me signing my messages with my handles as 
opposed to my real name - so I won't both going around in that circle.
So needless to say, I will not alter my email account settings

I'm sure many people on this forum can understand the desire not to 
change how they have been doing things - even at the expense of making 
things more simple and less confusing.

When I first joined the forum I express the confusion and hassle of how 
the messages are handle in regards to having to click on "reply all" 
instead of just "reply" for if you click on "reply" your reply only goes 
to the person who replied previously instead to the forum itself. This 
also causes multiple messages to be sent and received. So when someone 
replies to my post I get two copies. When I express this I was told that 
even though it should be changed it wouldn't be because there are people 
on the forum who have been doing it this way for years. And trust me, my 
messages having my handle appear is far less confusing and a hassle then 
having to remember to click "reply all" and getting multiple copies of 
messages in your inbox.
But again for all the details on this look in the archives as it was 
throughly discussed as well.

So can we please spend more time on the questions I raise in my messages 
and responses rather than my Mozilla settings?

John "Brak" Steven

"If you don't behave as you believe, you will end by believing as you 
-Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.

Peter Kirk wrote:

> On 24/04/2007 10:39, Brak wrote:
>> Yigal Levin wrote:
>>> Dear "Brak" (or is it John? - please sign you posts in such a way 
>>> that we know who we are answering),
>> If you look at the end of my email I do have it signed with my name, 
>> John Steven, which is followed by a Fulton J. Sheen quote. Nowhere 
>> did my email have the word Brak in it. So I'm not sure what you are 
>> complaining about. I have no idea why you are seeing Brak, except for 
>> my actual email address which is brak at neo.rr.com - so maybe its 
>> something with your email client.
> Your messages are indeed correctly signed with your name. But this 
> signature, preceded by a line with just "-- " on it, disappears 
> (deliberately) when people reply to your messages. But "Brak" appears 
> as your sender's name, in the line in your message source (the first 
> part, before "<"):
>> From: Brak <Brak at neo.rr.com>
> This is the name which is listed in mail folders, archives etc for the 
> message sender. It is also the name picked up by mail clients (like 
> mine, Thunderbird, see the first line above which I have not edited, 
> also Mozilla which I see you are using) when you hit "Reply". So it 
> would be helpful if you could set the sender's name in your mail 
> account settings to your real name rather than "Brak", if you have no 
> reason to hide your identity.

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