[b-hebrew] b-hebrew Digest, construct chain?

Harold Holmyard hholmyard3 at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 22 20:10:51 EDT 2007

Dear Eva,
>> Is the word "everlasting" in Daniel 9:24 "everlasting 
> righteousness" also 
>> plural in any other quotes? If not, why is this word plural?
> H.H> replies
> The phrase is a construct phrase, and the plural is a plural of 
> extension (GKC #124b). If you have many questions like this, you really 
> need to buy a Hebrew grammar that explains such things.
> Eva Ritsema asks, is a construct chain a construct phrase?
> Could you answer the question, someone?
HH: Yes, that is the idea.

Harold Holmyard

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