[b-hebrew] labo' lepaney and Gen 6:13

Yonah Mishael yonahmishael at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 18:47:59 EDT 2007


I think that in this particular situation, it is an idiom for the idea
of the arrival of the appropriate time for something. In other words,
HaShem is saying that the proper time for the destruction of all
living things had arrived. It doesn't have anything to do with "the
end" having an audience with HaShem. It just means that the
consequence that people's behaviors had merited was destruction, and
the proper time for it arrived — and HaShem was, therefore, going into
action against the world in punishment of their violence and iniquity.

What do you think?


On 4/20/07, B. M. Rocine <brocine at twcny.rr.com> wrote:
> Hi Karl,
> How about if we exercise just a bit of imagination in reading the poetry
> and see the human supplicants that come as "required attachments" to the
> groan and the petition?
> I believe the technical name for the figures in verses you quote is
> metonymy.  The two vv. in Psa are very much about gaining an audience
> with YHWH.
> Shalom,
> Bryan

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