[b-hebrew] labo' lepaney and Gen 6:13

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In Psalm 79:11 the subject is a groan, in 88:2 it is my petition.

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On 4/20/07, B. M. Rocine <brocine at twcny.rr.com> wrote:
> B-Haverim,
> Gen 6:13  kets kol basar ba' lepanay
> "an end of all flesh has come before me"
> Generally the idiom "labo' lepaney" refers to having an audience, as
> with a king or YHWH.  Occasionally it refers to leading a military force
> into battle.  Gen 6:13 is different in that it is the only time the
> idiom has a thing rather than a person as subject, specifically _kets
> kol basar_.
> So I take it to mean *the idea* of annihilation gained an audience with
> YHWH, that is "came to his mind," right?
> I note that the cause of annihilation is not specified.  Might the
> expression leave open the possibility that annihilation was about to be
> caused by man's own violence (apart from the flood)?  In other words,
> there is a *possibility* that the clause quoted above refers to YHWH's
> intuition that all life was about to end as a result of man's violence.
> Is that right?
> I think it's an interesting question because the supplicant who gains
> audience before a great power typically does so as a means of gaining
> salvation.  Perhaps the Hebrew gives greater voice than our extant
> English translations to the idea that YHWH was intervening in an emergency.
> Shalom,
> Bryan
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