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Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Fri Apr 20 09:36:03 EDT 2007

We didn't distinguish the difference.  The books were for Hebrew, and 
to understand the Torah, we were taught Torah with the text of Rashi, 
who did base many of his comments on grammar.  Since then I have 
learned that some of Chazal who explained Torah were known to be 
famous "linguists" in Hebrew.

So I suppose, that the grammar I learned formally as such, applied to 
spoken Hebrew, and to understand Torah, some grammar just kind of 
seeped in, we learned to get a feel for the way Hashem expresses 
Himself in the Torah, rather than the "rules"


On 20/04/2007 03:30, Shoshanna Walker wrote:
> I wish I could remember which books we used, from elementary school 
>through high school.  They were pretty thorough.
Were these for biblical Hebrew or modern Hebrew?

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