[b-hebrew] Zech 1:19,21

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I allowed both comments cited below, not because I agree that either one of 
them is appropriate for this list, but because both are equally 
unappropraite. From a critical-historical point of view, both the New 
Testament and the Oral Torah (i.e. rabbinic interpretation) are later 
commentary on the Tanakh/Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. One's acceptence of one 
or the other as THE Authoritative and Correct interpretation of the True 
Meaning of the Tanakh/Hebrew Bible/Old Testament is a matter of faith, and 
this list is NOT about trying to convince others of the correctness of our 
own faiths. For one list member to say, "the rabbi understood this biblical 
passage as meaning so and so", and for another to say, "but Paul (or John or 
Jude etc.) understood it in another way" is perfectly legitimate. For either 
one to claim that their's is the ONLY true way, and that the others are 
false, is not.

Please stay within the bounds of our discussion.

Yigal Levin


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> Actually it is the Oral Torah which explains the written Torah.  We
> understand everything with the aid of the Oral Torah.
> The New Testament simply describes a completely different philosophy
> and world view, and it is based on misinterpretation of the Torah
> Shoshanna
>  The New Testament explains the Old. Without the New
> Testament explanation, many Old Testament passages cannot be understood.
> However, the New Testament explanations of the Old still can be defended
> purely from the Old Testament. Not because they are the most
> straight-forward interpretations that a natural reading would give, but
> because no other possible explanation fits.
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