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Dear Yocabo,
> I am just starting to learn Syriac and was wondering what is the best method or book to learning it.  I will be studying it on my own with some Syriac Orthodox Christians helping me.  If anyone on the board has studied that language or could give me little tips along the way that would be greatly apreciated.  Additonally if any one could tell me or point me in the right direction of studying the Variations between the Estralango/Nestorian/Jacobite Scripts.  I was wondering what more documents are written in and if anyone would have any info of the genesis and the development of this language.

You're doing better than me. I bought a textbook that is considered 
difficult, and I have not been much motivated to use it. Here is one 
textbook that seems good:

Introduction to Syriac : an elementary grammar with readings from Syriac 
     Thackston, W. M. (Wheeler McIntosh), 1944-
 Assuming no previous knowledge of a Semitic language, Thackston 
(Persian and other Near East languages, Harvard U.) introduces the 
Aramaic dialect of Edessa, an important center of early Christianity in 
Mesopotamia, and a classic language among several people of the region 
today. He uses both the Syriac script as students will encounter it, and 
English transliteration to clarify the pronunciations. Most of his 
examples passages are from the Peshitta, the standard Syriac translation 
of the Bible, because he expects most students to be in Biblical studies 
and the passages are likely to be familiar to the others anyway.  
Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.  Distributed by Syndetic 
Solutions, Inc.
 Wheeler M. Thackston is Professor of Persian and other Near East 
Languages at Harvard University, where he has taught Persian and Arabic 
for over twenty years.  Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

IBEX Publishers,
Pub date:
xxvii, 228 p. ;

HH: Here's another that is more recent still:

Leshono Suryoyo : first studies in Syriac
     Healey, John F.
 "Aiming to enable the student to read all types of Syriac texts (with 
the aid of a dictionary), the book is suitable for students learning 
Syriac within the context of a University or College course or in 
independent study without a teacher. A compact disc containing 
vocalizations of all samples and texts in the grammar is 
included."--BOOK JACKET.  Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

Gorgias Press,
Pub date:
xxiii, 220 p. ;

Harold Holmyard

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