[b-hebrew] Hebrew grammar books

Harold Holmyard hholmyard3 at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 19 21:22:15 EDT 2007

Dear Kenneth,
> I should get a good Hebrew grammar book, but they are either too easy 
> or too hard. The ones I can understand don't go into all of the 
> details. The ones that go into all of the details of Hebrew grammar 
> are written by scholars, and scholars seem to like to use the hardest 
> words they can think of even if they are only explaining simple 
> things. I would need a translator to understand what scholars write. I 
> am not putting down scholars, but they expect people to be as educated 
> as they are, and they don't explain higher level things using easy words.

HH: What you need are some so-called "intermediate Hebrew" tools. A book 
that would be fun is _A Workbook for Intermediate Hebrew_, by Robert B. 
Chisholm, Jr. It combines exegesis of Jonah and Ruth with grammatical 


A very inexpensive grammar is Intermediate Hebrew Grammar (paperback), 
by Andrew E. Steinmann (Author)


Harold Holmyard

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