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Steve Miller wrote:
>> From: Isaac Fried
>> Harold,
>> It appears to me that the XARDU (XARCU) of 1 Samuel 13:7 is exactly
>> the same as the TEXERAC of 2 Samuel 5:24.
>> Who do you think are the 4 XARASHIM, and what is their function in
>> Zechariah's vision?
> [Steve Miller] I think the 4 workmen are the 4 workmen revealed in the
> remaining chapters of Zechariah:
> 1. the builder in 6:12-13
> 2. the lowly king in 9:9
> 3. the shepherd in 11:4-14 & 13:7
> 4. the servant of the ground in 13:5
> Another possibility is the measurer in 2:5 (2:1), but I think that is an
> angel.
> A theme throughout Zechariah is that God defeats the mighty by humble device
> (4:6). All 4 workmen are the Messiah, each from a different point of view,
> as in the 4 gospels.i

HH: I find these kinds of comments uncontrolled subjectivism. I have 
never had any of these thoughts and don't think a natural reading of the 
texts implies them. The four workmen are seen together. Thus the reader 
expects them to be four different agents, not the same person depicted 
four ways.
> My problem is: What is the text saying that the 4 workmen do in 2:4 (1:21)?
> At this point I think it means that the 4 workmen bring the nations into the
> fear and trembling [of God] so that, due to fear [of God], they do not
> praise the mighty kings which scattered Judah.

HH: The workmen are agents used by God to defeat the world powers that 
attack Israel. The image is one of the purposeful use of force. The 
nations are hostile to Israel. Please read the post I sent to Isaac 
about this passage a few days ago, if you haven't already.

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