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Dear David,

While it is true that Nehemia Gordon is a Qara'i, and a Hakham for that
matter, this document was not written for Qara'im per se, but as an article
to Hebrew University in Jerusalem from which he has a Master's Degree in
Biblical Studies. I think this started as a discussion between him, and
Emanuel Tov of who he is friends with, but that is something you would have
to write him directly about, for I do not want to give out any sort of false
information about him. I do know that he worked with Emanuel Tov on the Dead
Sea Scroll publication project, as can be seen here:

*The Dead Sea Scrolls Reader, Part 1. Texts Concerned with Religious Law* ISBN
*The Dead Sea Scrolls Reader, Part 2. Exegetical Texts* ISBN
*The Dead Sea Scrolls Reader, Part 6. Additional Genres and Unclassified
Texts* ISBN 90-04-12646-5<http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Booksources&isbn=9004126465>

He has also worked under Shemaryahu Talmon at Hebrew University of Jerusalem
on their Bible translation project

As stated, this work I believe was a work initially shared between him, and
Emanuel Tov. Again, you would have to ask Emanuel Tov directly, but I am
under the impression that he, like Mr. Gordon, thinks that Yehovah is the

Yohanan bin-Dawidh

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> The question I have, and I could look it up but I'm trying to find the
> answer more quickly than that, is this.  There are 40 some places in the
> Leningrad Codex where the tetragrammaton has the full vowel pointing for
> Adonai, i.e., there is a holem (e.g. Exod 13:9), in addition to the usual
> two vowels, shewa and qames.  Does anybody know off the top of their head
> the reason why the extra vowel comes into play in the 40 some places (out
> of the nearly 6000 occurrences)?  Thanks in advance.
> Jerry
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> >>>
> http://www.karaite-korner.org/yhwh_2.pdf
> At the link above you will find a 12 page article titled:
> The Pronunciation of the Name
> By Nehemia Gordon
> Nehemia Gordon is a member of Karaite Judaism who believes that Yehovah
> is God's true name. Nehemia Gordon believes that it was the original
> intent of the Masoretes to suppress the true pronunciation of YHWH, which
> he believes is Y:HOWFH [a.k.a. "Yehovah" ], by purposely omitting  the
> holem.
> Nehemia Gordon  believes that in those 40-50 places where Y:HOWFH [a.k.a.
> "Yehovah" ] occurs in the Leningrad Codex, the Masoretes had made a
> mistake and forgotten  to omit the holem.
> Nehemiah Gordon goes into more detail on this issue on pages 10-12 of his
> article.
> Dave Donnelly
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