[b-hebrew] Zech 1:19,21

Steve Miller smille10 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 18 23:46:25 EDT 2007

> From: Isaac Fried
> Harold,
> It appears to me that the XARDU (XARCU) of 1 Samuel 13:7 is exactly
> the same as the TEXERAC of 2 Samuel 5:24.
> Who do you think are the 4 XARASHIM, and what is their function in
> Zechariah's vision?

[Steve Miller] I think the 4 workmen are the 4 workmen revealed in the
remaining chapters of Zechariah:
1. the builder in 6:12-13
2. the lowly king in 9:9
3. the shepherd in 11:4-14 & 13:7
4. the servant of the ground in 13:5

Another possibility is the measurer in 2:5 (2:1), but I think that is an

A theme throughout Zechariah is that God defeats the mighty by humble device
(4:6). All 4 workmen are the Messiah, each from a different point of view,
as in the 4 gospels.

My problem is: What is the text saying that the 4 workmen do in 2:4 (1:21)?
At this point I think it means that the 4 workmen bring the nations into the
fear and trembling [of God] so that, due to fear [of God], they do not
praise the mighty kings which scattered Judah.

-Steve Miller

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