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The question I have, and I could look it up but I'm trying to find the
answer more quickly than that, is this.  There are 40 some places in the
Leningrad Codex where the tetragrammaton has the full vowel pointing for
Adonai, i.e., there is a holem (e.g. Exod 13:9), in addition to the usual
two vowels, shewa and qames.  Does anybody know off the top of their head
the reason why the extra vowel comes into play in the 40 some places (out
of the nearly 6000 occurrences)?  Thanks in advance.
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At the link above you will find a 12 page article titled:
The Pronunciation of the Name
By Nehemia Gordon
Nehemia Gordon is a member of Karaite Judaism who believes that Yehovah
is God’s true name. Nehemia Gordon believes that it was the original
intent of the Masoretes to suppress the true pronunciation of YHWH, which
he believes is Y:HOWFH [a.k.a. “Yehovah” ], by purposely omitting  the
Nehemia Gordon  believes that in those 40-50 places where Y:HOWFH [a.k.a.
“Yehovah” ] occurs in the Leningrad Codex, the Masoretes had made a
mistake and forgotten  to omit the holem.
Nehemiah Gordon goes into more detail on this issue on pages 10-12 of his
Dave Donnelly

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