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Give us, please, the exact reference to the ANE-2 discussion.

Isaac Fried, Boston University

On Apr 17, 2007, at 9:04 AM, Yohanan bin-Dawidh wrote:

> I have been reading theories at the ANE-2 discussion forum  
> concerning the
> etymology of the name Sholomo, and the following thoughts and  
> questions came
> to mind:
> Sholomo and Yedidyah (Solomon's two names).
> According to Sefer Shemu'el Bet 12:24, 25 it was Bath-sheva who  
> referred to
> Sholomo as Sholomo, whereas YHWH sent the prophet Nathan to name him
> Yedidyah. But then every other occurrence of this figure we see him  
> by then
> name Sholomo, the name his mother named him, not the name that YHWH  
> named
> him. This may be more of a theological question than a question of  
> language,
> but does anyone have any thoughts as to why we see him referred to as
> Sholomo rather than Yedidyah when the text clearly points out that  
> it was
> YHWH who named him Yedidyah?
> And what I have been reading at ANE-2 about both Sholomo and  
> Yerushalam is
> quite interesting to say the least.
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