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Thank you greatly for your substantial, thoughtful and detailed  
answer. It is good to know that at least we are in agreement that  
KRANOT are 'horns' and XARASHIM are the craftsmen destined to sever  
and cast them off. You might be right, except that if had I been the  
master of visions I would have shown the prophet 4 beastly war  
machines rather than 4 measly keratinous spikes salvaged from the  
local abattoir.

It appears to me that TEXERAC of 2 Samuel 5:24 is 'sally forth', as  
is the meaning of YEXERAC of Exodus 11:7, which KJV translates, so  
gently, as 'move'. It seems to me that XARUC as in  Proverbs 10:4, is  
a 'go-getter'. KJV translates it as 'diligent'.

It appears to me that YEXEREDU of Hosea 11:11 (YEXEREDU KeCIPOR  
MIMICRAYIM) is also 'haste', possibly, I admit, after being jolted  
into action by God's terrifying lion roar.

Isaac Fried, Boston University

On Apr 17, 2007, at 6:30 AM, Harold Holmyard wrote:

> Dear Isaac,
>> It appears to me that the XARDU (XARCU) of 1 Samuel 13:7 is exactly
>> the same as the TEXERAC of 2 Samuel 5:24.
> HH: Well, they're not the same as the spelling is different. This is
> what HAL (The Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament) says
> about the latter:
> II XRC: Arb. hara/isa (with dots under "h" and "s") to covet, aspire,
> Tigrin. Leslau 22; Akk. hiris libbi (with a crescent [looks like a
> little smile] under the "h" and a dot under the "s") striving of the
> heart ? (MAOG 13/2:18; AHw. 341b).
> qal: impf.: to do something with enthusiasm, “pay attention!” 2 Sam  
> 5:24.
> HH: Now, HAL treats this word as a different word than XRC I, which it
> lists as "fix, determine." However, the Dictionary of Classical Hebrew
> (DCH) treats all occurrences of the spelling as the same word, and  
> sees
> the meaning in 2 Sam 5:24 as "take decisive action."
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