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Just a thought, really, nothing concrete.  Possibly by the time the  accounts 
were penned, Sholomo was no longer considered to be Yedidyah, because  he had 
gone over to the religion of his pagan wives, his heart no longer joined  to 
"In his old age, his wives turned away Solomon's heart after other gods,  and 
he was not as wholeheartedly devoted to the LORD his God as his father David  
had been....Solomon did what was displeasing to the LORD and did not remain  
loyal to the LORD." (1 Kings 11:4, 6 JPS Tanakh)
Revisionist history?
Sholomo (Solomon) Landers
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This may  be more of a theological question than a question of language,
but does  anyone have any thoughts as to why we see him referred to as
Sholomo rather  than Yedidyah when the text clearly points out that it was
YHWH who named  him Yedidyah?

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