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Thanks Isaac. Sorry I should have seen that Kranot was horns. I was thinking
you were referring to some kind of pointing.


Your explanation makes sense except that I do not think you can make 2
sequential actions out of LeHAXARID LeYADOT without a waw before LeYADOT.



-Steve Miller




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I am sorry but I am afraid you entirely misunderstood what I said, possibly
too tersely. KRANOT is just the plural of KEREN, 'horn'. 


This is what I think, in plain English, is being described in Zechariah

1. The prophet is seeing four battering rams---the ultimate war machine of
his time---the epitome of mechanical evil. The machine consisted (methinks)
of some sort of a wooden structure (covered, on wheels and with a platform
for archers?) on which was mounted a horizontal heavy beam (this is how I
would have constructed it had I been the chief military engineer of the
Assyrian army), end fitted with a strong metal horn or beak, and used to
slam into walls to rock them loose and crack them open. Namely, a kind of an
ancient man-powered bulldozer or tank. The number 4 has possibly some
symbolic value, but it eludes me now. 

2. Then the prophet asks (VA-OMAR) What are these? (namely the KRANOT), and
the angel replies "those are the KRANOT that caused the dispersion of the
Jews" (and are ready for a repeat).

3. Then God shows him (VA-YARENI) four workmen, expert in wood or metal
cutting (XARASHIM). 

4. Then the prophet asks (VA-OMAR) what are these (XARASHIM) coming to do?
(MAH ELEH BAIM LAASOT?). The prophet is confirmed in his suspicion on the
nefarious purpose of the KRANOT, but he wants to be reassured on the hopeful
intent of the workmen. 

5. Then God says (VA-YOMER): "Those are (indeed) the KRANOT that caused the
dispersion of the Jews, (but) they (HA-XARASHIM) are here (VA-YABOU ELEH) to
rock them (namely the KRANOT) loose (LeHAXARID), then (or comma) to cast
(LeYADOT) them (namely the KRANOT) away" so as to render the tormentors of
Israel impotent. 


Notice that I translate LeHAXARID as 'to rock loose', relying on the
essential meaning of the root XRD, rather then as 'frighten', which is but a
transferred meaning (see for instance Isaiah 10:29 XARDAH HA-RAMAH, GIBAT


The root XRD is a member of the close-knit clan XRZ, XRT, XRS (HRS), XRC,
XR$ (XARASHIM, MAXRESHAH, XORSHAH?), all of great affinity to GRD, ZRD, TRD,
(CRD), PRD, XRK, XRQ, XRB, XRG, and more. 


Isaac Fried, Boston University 


On Apr 13, 2007, at 10:06 PM, Steve Miller wrote:


Can you explain what is a KRANOT? Can you tell me another place where it

acts as an "and". Thanks.


-Steve Miller





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