[b-hebrew] Dying, you will die Gen 2:17

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Sat Apr 14 21:08:16 EDT 2007

But many of the followers of Jesus do say that he cancelled our 
Covenant with G-d - or replaced it, which is the same thing, 
especially since G-d didn't say that.  If you say that Jesus supports 
and expands G-d's covenant with us, then why doesn't Jesus say, or 
Christians practice, to observe our Covenant, in its entirety, and 
then if you want to add, then add?  Or otherwise, if you choose not 
to observe it, but to do other things, then just admit that you have 
composed something changed, new and different and "other"?


  The only obstacles here are the misinterpretation of the Scriptures 
which led to erroneous conclusions. You know Hashem changes not (Mal. 
3:6). He gave One Covenant which is eternal. The covenants with Noah, 
Avraham, Moses do not alter Hashem's plan. Looking at it in a linear 
(rather than cyclical) fashion creates this problem. The Avrahamic 
covenant did not nullify the Noahide any more than Y'shua's nullified 
the previous ones. It built upon them. The Renewed Covenant contains 
all prior ones from Adam to David except it was an upgrade; made full 
of meaning by Y'shua as the Pesach Lamb of Eloah rather than the 
blood of goats and bulls. It was both a renewal and new (in the sense 
that Y'shua was the superlative sacrifice). Y'shua supports and 
expands the prior covenants, He did not cancel them.
  David Fenton

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