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Interesting, Peter. I would expect it some because the Aramaic and Egyptian lanaguages derive from the pre-Babel Hebrew script. Thank you.
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 > Hello Peter: 
 > I must disagree that the word plays work outside of Hebrew (whatever > version) and I have been explicity been shown why not which is an > explanation beyond my ability to reproduce here except descriptively > as I have prior. Even in the Aramaic it is not the same. You can view > the Peshitta online (http://www.standardversion.org/index-aesv.php). 
 I can't speak for Aramaic, but I know that Arabic has all the following words, not sure of all the spellings: 
 آدم 'âdam = "human being"; "Adam" 
 آدمة 'âdama(t) = not "ground" but "skin" 
 حوّا ḥawwâ = "Eve" 
 حىّ ḥyy = "live" 
 انسان 'insân = "man" 
 ناس nâs = "people" 
 انثى unthay (?) = "woman" 
 So almost the same word plays work. This implies that they are common at least to West Semitic, although perhaps 'adama has not survived in all languages. 
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