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Shalom, Harold:
 Torah means revelation or instruction or teaching or schoolmaster. "Law" is inadequate as a definition. In an expanded sense, all of Scripture is Torah beyond just the first five books of Moses. Torah encompasses the Mosaic Law, too. As you noted that Avraham obeyed Y- - H's instruction, then you see that emunah is something one does and not merely makes mental assent to as Constantinians are wont to believe and teach. Righteousness (or tsedakah) is something one does as Hashem does tsedakah to the good and the wicked (i.e., tsedakh is imitating Hashem in doing for others as Hashem does for us and others). The Hebrews, Israelites, and Jews were not free to limit themselves to reflection of Torah but they had to do Torah or live Torah. Living Torah always was and remains the idea.
 We know the one language (Beresheis 2:19) was Hebrew because Adam's very name derives from Hebrew (adamah); the 2 names he gave to Eve (Chava comes from chai/life) were Hebrew and only makes sense in Hebrew. He also called her isha (woman) because she was taken from the ish (man). (See Beresheis 2:23, 3:20 and Midrash Beresheis Rabbah 38).
 While I agree we all have eternity written on our hearts, I specifically refer to the fact that after Adam dropped the ball that it was not until Mt. Sinai that a nation agreed to do Torah before knowing what living Torah entailed. Avraham lived Torah because the very aleph bet he spoke declare Hashem; Torah is within them.
 I'm trying my best to explain in as non-theological a fashion as I can muster so you will excuse me if I don't always manage it as well as I try to.
 David Fenton
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  Dear David,
> That's a fair guess, Harold. However, I think it omits the Great Flood 
> and the reasons which preceded it.

HH: Well, you're giving a different meaning to Torah than I'm giving. 
I'm using the word as a synonym for the Mosaic law. If you are using it 
to speak of God's instruction or law in general, then I agree with you 
that it preexisted the Mosaic law.

?> Moreover, it also omits the fact that Avraham's emunah (i.e. tsedakah 
> aligned with Torah as the charter of creation) made him upright in 
> Hashem's eyes.

Hh: Right. He obeyed the Lord's instruction:

Gen. 18:19 No, for I have chosen him, that he may charge his children 
and his household after him to keep the way of the LORD by doing 
righteousness and justice; so that the LORD may bring about for Abraham 
what he has promised him."
> Specifically, we know the nations had Torah because until the Babel 
> event they were all of one (Hebrew) language and one speech.

HH: We don't know that the one language was Hebrew, and it is really 
going beyond the evidence to assume that it was.

> If they spoke Hebrew they had Torah because each and every letter 
> declares both Hashem and Torah.

HH: We don't know that they spoke Hebrew, but all the world has the law 
of God written on its heart. And all people reject that law of God 
written on their heart. So we are all sinners. If that is what you mean 
by all nations rejecting God's Torah, then I am in agreement with you.

Harold Holmyard

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