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 Actually, the Jeremiah passage you cite does not say "new: but it says b'rit chadashah (renewed covenant). If you want a concise explanation (excerpt below) of the eternal covenant go to http://www.revelations.org.za/Eternal_Life.htm and it quickly do that, Harold. I know your questions/commentary is sincere and so I only hope to respond true to my own understanding which is still developing.
 David Fenton
   The Eternal Covenant Religious literature, both Jewish and Christian, contain much about “the Covenant” (Hebrew: Brit Ha-Olam). Christianity teaches a “New versus an Old Covenant” and couple various other doctrines to this theme, eg. “Grace under the New Covenant”; the Predestination doctrine, etc. There are volumes to work through, erudite teachings to examine; and still the reader may not fully understand what the Covenant actually embraces. This study, however, will spell out the real meaning of the Covenant in short.  
 Gal. 27-29: For as many as have had a tevilah into Moshiach have clothed yourselves with Moshiach. There is not Yehudi nor Yevani (Greek), there is not eved (servant) nor ben chorin (freedman), there is not zachar (male) nor nekevah (female), for you are all echad in Moshiach Yehoshua/Yeshua. And, if you belong to Moshiach (YESHAYAH 53:10), then you are of the ZERAH of Avraham Avinu, you are yoreshim (heirs) according to the havtachah (promise).   
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  Dear David,
> * While I agree with your sentiment, Harold, Shoshana apparently 
> understanding Torah is obligated to reject any notion that the Mosaic 
> or any covenant has been replaced. Torah says so itself. The Christian 
> Scholars Group on Christian-Jewish Relations 
> (http://www.bc.edu/research/cjl/meta-elements/sites/partners/csg/Sacred_Obligation.htm) 

> might be of help. Shoshana's theology is entirely correct here.
> *

HH: Where does the Torah say this? I went to this website you 
recommended and found the following:

1. God's covenant with the Jewish people endures forever.

For centuries Christians claimed that their covenant with God replaced 
or superseded the Jewish covenant. We renounce this claim. We believe 
that God does not revoke divine promises. We affirm that God is in 
covenant with both Jews and Christians. Tragically, the entrenched 
theology of supersessionism continues to influence Christian faith, 
worship, and practice, even though it has been repudiated by many 
Christian denominations and many Christians no longer accept it. Our 
recognition of the abiding validity of Judaism has implications for all 
aspects of Christian life.

HH:  I never said that God did not have a covenant with Israel but at 
the start affirmed that the Abrahamic covenant was not abrogated. 
Secondly the Mosaic covenant is a separate covenant from the Abrahamic 
covenant, and the NT very clearly teaches that the New Covenant takes 
the place of the Mosaic covenant for Christians. Jeremiah 31:31-33 
teaches that even for Israel a new covenant will replace the old 
covenant, and the context shows that the old covenant is the Mosaic 
Harold Holmyard*
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