[b-hebrew] Dying, you will die Gen 2:17

Harold Holmyard hholmyard3 at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 11 16:07:28 EDT 2007

davidfentonism at aim.com wrote:
>  The NT abolishes nothing but RENEWS the Covenant as Yeshayahu, hence it is the B'rit Chadashah (Renewed Covenant).

HH: This is not what Jeremiah teaches. It does not teach a renewed 
covenant but a new covenant. The contrast is between old and new. It is 
a different covenant.

>  Yehoshua affirmed and taught Torah correctly even saying it will never pass away and paul especially did the same as well as other 'NT' writers. 

Hh: God's eternal moral law will never pass away.

> The Roman-Hellenist interpretation which is often miso-Jewish is the source of the hermeneutical problems.

HH: You are introducing an irrelevant idea, it seems to me.

>  Even the term "Christ" is incompetent to refer to all that the Tzerach is.

Hh: Where do you get this term Tzerach? I asked you before, but you 
never answered. "Christ" is a NT term, so if you are a Christian, you 
should stop making such irresponsible comments.

>  Mashiach was far more than just annointed. Many deliverers were also annointed but only One was the Tzerach.

HH: The Hebrew term means "anointed one." That is the fact.

Harold Holmyard

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