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 While I agree with your sentiment, Harold, Shoshana apparently understanding Torah is obligated to reject any notion that the Mosaic or any covenant has been replaced. Torah says so itself. The Christian Scholars Group on Christian-Jewish Relations (http://www.bc.edu/research/cjl/meta-elements/sites/partners/csg/Sacred_Obligation.htm) might be of help. Shoshana's theology is entirely correct here.
 David Fenton
 Gal. 27-29: For as many as have had a tevilah into Moshiach have clothed yourselves with Moshiach. There is not Yehudi nor Yevani (Greek), there is not eved (servant) nor ben chorin (freedman), there is not zachar (male) nor nekevah (female), for you are all echad in Moshiach Yehoshua/Yeshua. And, if you belong to Moshiach (YESHAYAH 53:10), then you are of the ZERAH of Avraham Avinu, you are yoreshim (heirs) according to the havtachah (promise).   
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  Shoshanna Walker wrote:
> Thank you so very much for finding and emailing to us G-d's 
> predictions and promises of the way things will be when the Universe 
> is restored to the perfection which G-d has promised, which has not 
> occurred yet, and which includes, by your own email, that you 
> foreigners are destined to worship G-d (which it is our 
> responsibility to teach you how) - not your idolatrous man-g-d - but 
> the G-d of Israel, Creator of the Universe - and to keep Shabbat 
> according to Torah - which your religion presently does not require, 
> or is even privy to the details of how to observe it, including the 
> 36 categories and all their manifestations of "melacha" - and to hold 
> fast to G-d's covenant - which presently you do not acknowledge, but 
> say that Jesus gave you a new covenant to replace G-d's covenant.  Am 
> I wrong?  And that G-d's house, ie; the resurrected Beit HaMikdash - 
> but which you, the nations of the world would like to take away from 
> us and give to the arabs - will be "called a house of prayer for all 
> nations"

HH: Yes, we believe the new covenant replaces the Mosaic covenant, but 
it does not replace the Abrahamic covenant. And God does not perfect the 
universe overnight. It is a process, part of which is the age we are 
presently living through. True Christians are your friends, not your 

Harold Holmyard
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