[b-hebrew] Dying, you will die Gen 2:17

Harold Holmyard hholmyard3 at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 11 12:03:59 EDT 2007

Dear David,
>  Actually, Torah was rejected by the nations and ONLY Yisra'el said we will do and then we will understand (Exd24:7). This has always been the case and only Mashiach will alter this upon His second advent when He rules with a rod of iron.

HH: I am not sure I know what you are talking about here. What 
scriptural passages are you thinking about when you say that Torah was 
rejected by the nations? As far as I know, the law was only given to 
Israel, and it was given to them because God had chosen them as a 
special people. This does not mean that other people could not follow 
the law, but it was not given to any other nation.

Harold Holmyard

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