[b-hebrew] Zech 1:19,21

Steve Miller smille10 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 11 01:01:19 EDT 2007

> From: Isaac Fried [mailto:if at math.bu.edu]
> Steve,
> I think that MAH ELEH BAIM LAASOT of Zechariah 2:4 (in the HB) refers
> to the XARASHIM, the metal or wood cutters, who are destined to come
> (VAYABOU ELEH) to rock loose (LeHAXARID), then cast away (LeYADOT)
> the battering horns of the war machines brought to bear upon Israel.
[Steve Miller] 
Thanks Isaac. Yes, I agree that "eleh" refers to the 4 xarashim, which I
would translate as 4 workmen. I like that you translate into correct
English. I think that your translation ", then cast away" would require a
waw attached to leyadot. 
-Steve Miller

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