[b-hebrew] Oral Law / Written Law

A Becker ABecker at nerdshack.com
Thu Apr 12 00:39:54 EDT 2007

Just thought I wanted to add my two cents about this from the Mishnah.


"[The rules about] release from vows hover in the air and have naught to
support them; the rules about the Sabbath, Festal-offerings, and Sacrilege
are as mountains hanging by a hair, for [teaching of] scripture [thereon] is
scanty and the rules many; the [rules about] cases [concerning property] and
the [Temple-] service, and the rules about what is clean and unclean and the
forbidden degrees, they have that which supports then, and it is they that
are the essentials of the Law." (Hagigah 1.8)


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