[b-hebrew] Dying, you will die Gen 2:17

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Wed Apr 11 00:19:52 EDT 2007

Ok, thank you very much, the Torah describes the covenant that G-d 
made with  Abraham, and with Isaac, and with Jacob, and with Moshe, 
and with Am Yisrael, so what is your point?  That you don't accept, 
and are not obligated to accept, G-d's covenant with Am Yisrael, and 
all of our obligations to G-d, and G-d's CONDITIONAL promises to us, 
and no one, not even G-d, says that G-d perfects the universe 
overnight. And all of Torah tells us that it is OUR responsibility to 
play a HUGE PART in perfecting the universe - did you know that - 
that the perfection of the universe depends on us observing the 
Mitzvot of the Torah - that we have a huge and awesome 
responsibility, and that when we fail, EVERYONE - the entire 
universe- suffers- did you know that?

And you are not obligated to be bound by G-d's covenant with us? 
Obviously.  You are not obligated to be bound by G-d's covenant with 
us.  But not because Jesus said so and said he was making a new 
covenant, because what Jesus said is irrelevant because it is not 
what G-d the Creator of the Universe said.  But because you weren't 
there at Har Sinai, receiving the Revelation and agreeing to its 
conditions, in the first place.

So what are you trying to teach me, here?  Some Christians may be our 
friends, many have been our enemies, and have killed and utterly 
destroyed entire families and communities, exiled, persecuted us in 
the name of your idolatrous man-G-d, Jesus.  So what do you want me 
to say here and now - thank YOU, Harold, for being my friend - as 
long as I agree that I don't mind that you pervert and try to take MY 
Torah to be your own?


HH: Yes, we believe the new covenant replaces the Mosaic covenant, but
it does not replace the Abrahamic covenant. And God does not perfect the
universe overnight. It is a process, part of which is the age we are
presently living through. True Christians are your friends, not your

Harold Holmyard
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