[b-hebrew] Dying, you will die Gen 2:17

Harold Holmyard hholmyard3 at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 10 23:16:05 EDT 2007

Shoshanna Walker wrote:
> Thank you so very much for finding and emailing to us G-d's 
> predictions and promises of the way things will be when the Universe 
> is restored to the perfection which G-d has promised, which has not 
> occurred yet, and which includes, by your own email, that you 
> foreigners are destined to worship G-d (which it is our 
> responsibility to teach you how) - not your idolatrous man-g-d - but 
> the G-d of Israel, Creator of the Universe - and to keep Shabbat 
> according to Torah - which your religion presently does not require, 
> or is even privy to the details of how to observe it, including the 
> 36 categories and all their manifestations of "melacha" - and to hold 
> fast to G-d's covenant - which presently you do not acknowledge, but 
> say that Jesus gave you a new covenant to replace G-d's covenant.  Am 
> I wrong?  And that G-d's house, ie; the resurrected Beit HaMikdash - 
> but which you, the nations of the world would like to take away from 
> us and give to the arabs - will be "called a house of prayer for all 
> nations"

HH: Yes, we believe the new covenant replaces the Mosaic covenant, but 
it does not replace the Abrahamic covenant. And God does not perfect the 
universe overnight. It is a process, part of which is the age we are 
presently living through. True Christians are your friends, not your 

Harold Holmyard

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