[b-hebrew] Dying, you will die Gen 2:17

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I don't expect you to agree that Romans is the word of G-d.
However, you should realize that every Christian believes it is
God's word.  You may not share our faith, but I would hope that
you would show some respect.

You noted, "That is not detracting from this 
list's purported purposes of trying to understand the SIMPLE MEANING 
 of the HEBREW written Torah by means of linguistics."
Should we ignore all those Jews who spoke Hebrew as their native tongue
and who commented on the Hebrew text? Remember, Paul was a Pharisaical
Jew as were most of the New Testament authors. This forum could ignore 
the New Testament. But then someone else could suggest we should also ignore, 
the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Mishnah, the Talmud, and Rashi.

Michael Abernathy

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> Romans is not the word of G-d, it doesn't even allege that.
> Our Torah was NOT given to the whole world directly, it was given to 
> US, and WE are to be the transmitters.  YOU are not obligated to 
> observe 613 positive and negative commandments, WE ARE!
> The whole world did not stand at Mt. Sinai and receive direct 
> supernatural Revelation, and no one but us agreed to receive and 
> observe  it, in faith, even before hearing the obligations.
> Romans certainly cannot explain Torah.  Only our keepers and 
> transmitters of Oral Torah can.  That is not detracting from this 
> list's purported purposes of trying to understand the SIMPLE MEANING 
> of the HEBREW written Torah by means of linguistics.  But that is 
> only the tip of the iceberg.  That is not racist. That is just a 
> proud Jewess defending us against those who would like to own the 
> Torah for yourselves.
> Shoshanna
> On 11/04/2007 01:24, Shoshanna Walker wrote:
>> Hello????  BY WHAT RIGHT are you quoting Romans to explain OUR Torah?
> By the same right that you repeatedly quote your "Oral Torah" to 
> explain OUR Torah ("OUR" because it was given to the whole world, not 
> just one ethnic group). You believe that your Oral Torah is the word 
> of God, but we don't. We believe that Romans is the word of God, but 
> you don't. We respect your right to quote the Oral Torah as long as 
> you understand that not everyone accepts it. Please give the same 
> respect to people who quote the New Testament.
> ...
>> Is that your own gobbeldygook? By what authority do you proclaim 
>>such meaningless nonsense to a list which is SUPPOSED to be above 
>>religious doctrine, even though it is SUPPOSEDLY about OUR TORAH!? 
>>Which only we JEWS have all the tools to know it? ...
> You can assert this if you like, even if it is racist, but not here 
> because this is religious doctrine, and as you rightly say this list 
> is supposed to be above religious doctrine.
>> ...
>> I have been quiet for a very long time on this list - months - and 
>>I have not promoted Jewish doctrine, as I have been admonished over 
>>and over again, not to, but until I am removed and banned by the 
>>owners in case they have an anti-Jewish agenda and are offended by 
>>me, I will not cease and desist from defending MY Torah, AGAINST 
> If this is your intention, it is in deliberate breach of the list 
> guidelines, and I hope the moderators will insist that you desist and 
> remove you if you do not.
> ...
>> A little respect PLEASE!
> And from you!
> -- 
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