[b-hebrew] Dying, you will die Gen 2:17

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> From: Scott McAliley Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2007 12:30 AM
> But were Adam and Eve not living and dying simultaneously as we all
> are?  If they were already immortal, as so many people claim we innately
> are, then the tree of life that God plainly said could make them live
> forever would have no value to them at all if they indeed were already
> going to live forever anyway.  

[Steve Miller] I think your question is good. In answering it, we know that
death did not come until Adam ate from the tree of knowledge. (Rom
5:12,15,17). God had created Adam with a perfect human life, but without the
life of God in him. This is similar to the state of the righteous gentiles
who will compose the restored nations in the new heaven and new earth. (Matt
26:31-46; Rev 21:3-4; 22:2)
The tree of life was the source of the eternal life of God for man. Even
though Adam had a sinless human life which was not dying, to fulfill God's
plan he still needed the life of God, which is what the Messiah restored our
access to.

> save ourselves, and God wants us totally reliant on Him.
>      It is also commonly taught that their sin ruptured their relationship
> with God.  How can we claim that?  There is not one reference of Adam or
> Eve
> communicating to God before sin. And there is no picture of worship
> either.
> The relationship actually seems pretty bland.  

[Steve Miller] You can get the idea of the sweet fellowship they had with
God before the fall by God bringing before Adam all the animals He had
created, and letting Adam name them. Also, God coming to fellowship with
them in the cool of the day.

>     I know this would be drifting away from Biblical Hebrew slightly, but
>would anyone like to discuss this or any other related garden topics?

Sure. Email me off-list. Try not to write too long though. Thanks.

-Steve Miller

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