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 You are right, scholarly and true (emunah in Hebrew thought) as opposed to true (consistent with fact in Greek thought) are not the same. I defer to you on this, Peter. Do I think it is also true in both thought systems, yes. But, I acknowledge that not everyone will see it this way even though many biblical scholars do. Secular biblical scholars will not and do not. Anything kabbalistic is cause for dismissal in their minds. i used to see it that way, too, once upon a time. :-)
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 Gal. 27-29: For as many as have had a tevilah into Moshiach have clothed yourselves with Moshiach. There is not Yehudi nor Yevani (Greek), there is not eved (servant) nor ben chorin (freedman), there is not zachar (male) nor nekevah (female), for you are all echad in Moshiach Yehoshua/Yeshua. And, if you belong to Moshiach (YESHAYAH 53:10), then you are of the ZERAH of Avraham Avinu, you are yoreshim (heirs) according to the havtachah (promise).   
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 > Peter, that view makes b-hebrew especially problematic to fully apprehend to anyone holding that view because it is the only language in history that functions uniquely as I have described. No mysticism necessary. 
 > > If you want to believe this as a faith position, you are free to do so as long as you don't proselytise, although this is more or less what I meant by "mysticism". If you claim this as a scholarly position, please can you give us some evidence for the uniqueness of b-hebrew. 
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