[b-hebrew] Dying, you will die Gen 2:17

Aaron Hunyady abh19 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 4 15:32:40 EDT 2007


I have some thoughts on the subject, which I would be happy to  
discuss but since it is biblical interpretation rather than hebrew  
language, the subject really isn't on-topic for b-hebrew. I'll email  
you my thoughts (well, some of them) off-list instead.

Aaron Hunyady

On Apr 4, 2007, at 2:49 PM, Scott McAliley wrote:

> Aaron and Harold,
> Thank You for your help, and for your time, and your quick  
> response.  You confirmed what I already knew -that I know nothing  
> about Hebrew Grammar :) and I now understand the passage a little  
> better, grammatically.  But from a theological (or at least  
> logical) standpoint, I'm not sure that my theory that Adam and Eve  
> were already dying before sin doesn't still have a little life in  
> it, even if the "dying,die" phrase doesn't add anything to it.  If  
> eating from the tree of life after rebelling would have caused them  
> to go on living forever, then eating of it before sin would have as  
> well.  But it seems apparent that they had not eaten of it, since  
> barring them from it was part of their punishment for sin, and we  
> are told specifically that this was done so they would not reach  
> out their hands, take, eat, and live forever.  And what is  
> something that will not live forever, but something that is dying?
>     I know this would be drifting away from Biblical Hebrew  
> slightly, but would anyone like to discuss this or any other  
> related garden topics?
>     I am doing a study of the entire Bible as it regards the innate  
> mortality or immortality of the human soul, and the garden seems to  
> offer a lot of answers.  I am a Christian, but I do not hold to the  
> traditional teaching that all souls are immortal and eternal,  
> because I can find no evidence for it in the Old or New Testament.   
> It seems plain from Scripture that immortality is reserved for  
> those who accept God's salvation, and destruction(after judgement)  
> is the destiny of those who do not.  I would love to discuss this  
> with anyone on either side of the issue, if that is allowed on this  
> forum.  It would be particularly helpful for me to do it here, with  
> people who understand Hebrew because that is inevitably going to  
> come into play.
> Thanks,
> Scott McAliley
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