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Logos Bible Software and Society of Biblical Literature Technology Paper

Deadline 1 May 2007

Logos Bible Software and the Society of Biblical Literature announce two
sets of awards for papers
that creatively use technology in exploring questions of grammar and syntax
in biblical studies:
one focusing on the Hebrew Bible, the other on the Greek New Testament. The
contests are open to
all those engaged in the study of those disciplines, and prizes will be
awarded in both areas for
student and faculty/professional categories. A total of twelve awards will
be given.

Goal of the Awards
The goal of these jointly sponsored essay contests is to foster creative
biblical scholarship in
the use of technology and to expand our understanding of the grammar and
syntax of the biblical
Hebrew and Greek texts. Submitters will make significant use of the
syntactically tagged databases
produced by Logos Bible Software. For the Hebrew Bible, students must
utilize the Andersen-Forbes
Analyzed Text and the Phrase-Marker Analysis visualizations. For the Greek
New Testament, students
must utilize the OpenText.org Syntactically Analyzed Greek New Testament
and/or the Lexham
Syntactic Greek New Testament. The Review Panels seek contributions to the
understanding of
biblical Hebrew and Greek grammar and syntax through the use of these tools.
To that end, papers
may focus on a passage or on a grammatical-syntactical phenomenon over a
larger biblical corpus.
Tutorials on the search interfaces or syntax graph visualizations are not
appropriate, and papers
should not focus on philology and morphology, except as they relate to a
larger grammatical-
syntactical issue.

Although it is not required, papers may include discussion of the relevance
of the findings for
teaching or practical applications such as homiletics. Papers must be an
original contribution and
not previously published.

For more information see:

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