[b-hebrew] Psalm 22:16 - daqar as pierced ?

Moshe Shulman mshulman at ix.netcom.com
Thu Sep 28 20:11:03 EDT 2006

At 07:05 PM 9/28/2006, you wrote:
>Dear Moshe,
> > Harold, words mean something. KRU cannot be distorted to mean
> > pierced, when it means to dig (a hole). A truck is not a wheelbarrow
> > even though both have four wheels.
>HH: But your claim that the word can only mean the
>English "dig" seems overthrown by the LXX. The
>words "They dug my hands and feet" are not
>meaningful, so the LXX obviously means something
>else. So the word ORUSSW, which means "dig," also
>means something else. Evidently the Hebrew word
>does too because the same problem arises in the
>Hebrew variants.

1. As to the LXX/GB I understand what you say, the verse has it's 
difficulties. I am curious as to what other meaning you say that 
ORUSSW can mean? I will check it out with someone who is an expert in the area.
2. As to the variants there are two issues. First variants in many 
cases just represent errors in copying. All of us who have been 
teachers of Hebrew are quite aware of the 'variants' that can occur. 
Second, which of these variants are you claiming gets you closer to 
'pierced'. There are none that I know of which help in this area. 

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