[b-hebrew] nun hay hay verb "to wail"

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BDB lists all of the occurrences of this verb and its related nouns in
the Tanakh. Here are the verses that are mentioned there. You might
look up all of the occurrences so that you can get a taste for how the
verb is used in the Tanakh.

Micah 2:4 (Qal)
Ezekiel 32:18 (Qal)
1 Samuel 7:2 (Niphal)

These are all of the occurrences of the verb נהה NHH in the Tanakh,
from what I get out of BDB.

I've never heard of a "geminate verb." Rather, verbs with doubled
second radicals are a class of their own, sometimes called "doubled
ayin verbs," like SBB. נהה NHH is definitely a double ayin verb. The
most common noun form is נהי NHY [nehi], using only the N and H of the
root, as is normal.

נוהים NWHYM [nohim] is the masculine plural active participle -- if
this is what you were referring to. The dropping of the second H is
due to the nature of third-heh verbs (also called "lamed heh"). Think
of עשה (&H, which forms its masculine plural participle as עושה (W&H

For examples of נוהים NWHIM, you have to look outside of the Biblical
text. I suggest a Google search of נוהים for examples of its usage.


On 9/27/06, kenneth greifer <greifer at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Is the verb spelled nun hay hay "to wail" a geminate verb? Could it be
> conjugated using just nun and hay? If it could , how would it be conjugated
> as the present tense masculing plural if you used nun hay? Would it be nun
> hay yum mem or nun yud mem? Even if this verb is not a geminate verb , how
> would a geminate verb spelled with hay as the second and third root letters
> be conjugated in this way? Would both hays be dropped?
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