[b-hebrew] nun hay hay verb "to wail"

B. M. Rocine brocine at twcny.rr.com
Wed Sep 27 17:39:27 EDT 2006

Hi Kenneth,

In a few minutes' search, I found none of my grammars are much help on 
your question about this unique root.  I think NHH is a geminate root. 
In the Qal qatal I think it would conjugate like a third heh, like so:

3.m.s. NFHFH
3.f.s. NFHTFH
2.m.s. NFHYTFH
2.f.s. NFHYT
1.c.s. NFHYTY


Qal participle m. p. , which I give as a "present," would be


I don't know if NHH is in current use.  If it is, perhaps one of our 
native speakers of Israeli Hebrew can confirm my answers.  A college 
edition modern Hebrew dictionary would also answer your question, I 
think, but I am not sure if anyone who owns one is listening.

Hoping to help a little, but don't quote me on any of it!  ;-)


kenneth greifer wrote:
> Is the verb spelled nun hay hay "to wail" a geminate verb? Could it be 
> conjugated using just nun and hay? If it could , how would it be conjugated 
> as the present tense masculing plural if you used nun hay? Would it be nun 
> hay yum mem or nun yud mem? Even if this verb is not a geminate verb , how 
> would a geminate verb spelled with hay as the second and third root letters 
> be conjugated in this way? Would both hays be dropped?
> Kenneth Greifer

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