[b-hebrew] help with Ezekiel 32:21

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Wed Sep 27 12:03:49 EDT 2006


On 9/26/06, kgraham0938 at comcast.net <kgraham0938 at comcast.net> wrote:
> y:ddab:rw lo 'eley gibborim.
> I have a couple question about this verse.
> 2) is 'eley the plural construct of 'EL(gods) or Ayil?( leader)
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> Kelton Graham
> KGRAHAM0938 at comcast.net

Neither. It has the meaning of "unto me".

Look at the context, which starts in verse 17. The destruction of
Egypt is discussed, and they (the Egyptian multitude) say, if only
(there are) heros unto me from the midst of the place of the dead ...

Karl W. Randolph.

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