[b-hebrew] Translating the Psalms

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Your answer is pretty good, except for the name )YKBWD, it is not made
up of the negation )YN with an assimilated nun, rather it is the
question )Y KBWD "where is the honor?" and yes, as a rhetorical
question, the negation is implied.

Karl W. Randolph.

>  Dear Bob,
>  'eYiN means "non-existence"; construct 'eYN. E.g. 'eYN-YoSeP BaBoWR
>  Joseph was not in the pit, Genesis 37:29. 'eYN LiY I have not (there is
>  nothing to me). It can take personal pronominal suffixes 'eNeNNiY, etc,
>  I am not, you are not, he is not, etc. It also has prepositianl prefixes
>  as in Psalm 73:2 K:'aYiN $uPP:KaH 'a:$uRaY  my steps had almost slipped.
>  It also comes in 1 Samuel 4:21, 14:3 as 'eY in the name 'eYKaBoD,
>  Ichabod, or "there is no glory". The weak letter Nun drops out or is
>  assimilated in the compound.
>  In Psalm 3:3 (3:2 in English versions) 'eYN Y:$uWaTaH LoW means "there
>  is no help for him [in God]".
>  In Psalm 145:3 'eYN CeQeR means "it is not searchable".
>  Shalom
>  Ben
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