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On Tue 26 Sep 2006 (18:42:09), bobmacdonald at shaw.ca wrote:
> In Psalm 3 verse 3 (also in psalm 145 verse 3 just prior to the great
> chiasm) there is a three letter word which is not translated in the
> online helps:     ; aleph   yod   nun;  ein transcribed roughly;
 Dear Bob,

 'eYiN means "non-existence"; construct 'eYN. E.g. 'eYN-YoSeP BaBoWR
 Joseph was not in the pit, Genesis 37:29. 'eYN LiY I have not (there is
 nothing to me). It can take personal pronominal suffixes 'eNeNNiY, etc,
 I am not, you are not, he is not, etc. It also has prepositianl prefixes
 as in Psalm 73:2 K:'aYiN $uPP:KaH 'a:$uRaY  my steps had almost slipped.

 It also comes in 1 Samuel 4:21, 14:3 as 'eY in the name 'eYKaBoD,
 Ichabod, or "there is no glory". The weak letter Nun drops out or is
 assimilated in the compound.

 In Psalm 3:3 (3:2 in English versions) 'eYN Y:$uWaTaH LoW means "there
 is no help for him [in God]".

 In Psalm 145:3 'eYN CeQeR means "it is not searchable".


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