[b-hebrew] Translating the Psalms

Bob MacDonald bobmacdonald at shaw.ca
Tue Sep 26 21:42:09 EDT 2006



I am a new member of this list. I am learning the psalms in Hebrew with a
view to portraying them visually. I have done some examples and I have an
evolving tool to help with the diagrams and analysis. 


I would be interested in recommendations of books that help see the poetry.
My resources for learning are the BDB lexicon and Lambdin’s introduction to
Biblical Hebrew. My resources for the Psalms are noted on my blog
http://drmacdonald.blogspot.com/ which I am confining to the psalms.


I am sure that some of my translations to date (psalms 1,3,8,23,46,138,145
(75%)) have amusing errors. I have a few questions on Biblical Hebrew.


e.g. It seems to me that the pronominal suffixes can also be attached to
verbs – is that right?

A Hebrew friend says this is only true in archaic poetry. – also true?


In Psalm 3 verse 3 (also in psalm 145 verse 3 just prior to the great
chiasm) there is a three letter word which is not translated in the online
helps: אֵין; aleph – yod – nun; ‘ein transcribed roughly;


What does this construction mean? It is in BDB as whence – implying a
question or perhaps negative qualification. (Whence salvation for him? Not
in God. or in psalm 145: How to search – implied impossible, hence


Thanks for the help




Bob MacDonald

Victoria BC





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