[b-hebrew] b-hebrew Digest, Vol 45, Issue 32

Blankinship, Benjamin bla26 at co.henrico.va.us
Tue Sep 26 16:11:58 EDT 2006

> That has got to be a very hard thing to do, it's something 
> like a person whom may be allergic to bread or wheat, I
> have a couple of friends in my Church that are Glutton
> Intolerant and they have a really big problem.  And
> in their case it's more that they don't dare, for fear of the 
> reaction.

I'm glad my church is not glutton intolerant. By definition, I guess
none of my friends could be glutton intolerant; they wouldn't be able to
tolerate me.

Oh, did you mean gluten intolerant?   :-)

Ben B

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