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Actually, Yigal, the two places where this mitzva is mentioned, are 
like hundreds of other mitzvot mentioned in the Torah, where the 
exact details of how to observe them, were not given in the written 
Torah, but in the Oral Torah, and then taught down, from generation 
to generation, by our leaders, in an unbroken chain of Mesorah.  Ezra 
was just one of the transmitters of Torah.  It's absurd to believe, 
that the 3 times that the positive commandment of terua are mentioned 
in the Torah, are meant for each individual to decide for himself 
what it means, like clapping hands - something that important to be 
mentioned three times, for sure was not meant for chance observance - 
despite what even some Jews would like to believe.


>Actually, Shoshanna, a "teru'ah" is literally a shout, "leharia'", to shout
>or exclaim. The two places in which the day is mentioned, Lev. 23:23-25 and
>Num. 29:1-6 do not mention either the shofar or any other type of trumpet.
>Just when this was understood by Jews as referring to the blowing of the
>shofar is not clear - it's not mentioned in the Tanakh anywhere. In fact,
>the day itself is not mentioned until Ezra, who used it to gather the people
>and teach them Torah - no shofar there either. The fact that one of the
>sounds made by the shofar is called a "teru'ah" is a back-interpretation.
>By the way, the Samaritans to this day mark the day by clapping their hands,
>which is how they have come to interpret "teru'ah". I'm not saying that this
>is a more correct interpretation, just that there are more than one possible
>Yigal Levin
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>> Not trumpets - shofar - ram's horn.
>> It is not called the feast of trumpets, it is called Yom Teruah -
>> Teruah being the name of one of the sounds that the sofar makes.
>> Shoshanna
>> Everyone
>> Todday is Feast of Trumpets, Happy Feast of Trumpets
>> Any one have any insight on this day?
>> Eva Ritsema
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